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(December, 2007)

Marquis De Sade

The Marquis De Sade - was he just a bit of a lad ?
I didn't know much about Marquis De Sade apart from the usual stuff - some sort of sexual weirdo whose name was given to the word sadism (how cool is that - a word from your name!). I started to learn and read a little more about him after reading a play he had written "A dialogue between a Priest and a Dying Man" - it's a brilliant dialogue between a man on his deathbed refusing to repent his sins and a rather shocked priest. If you'd like to read it - you can download a copy here.

He was a French philosopher and aristocrat whose main pursuit in life was the that of personal pleasure. He spent much of his life imprisoned including 10 years in the Bastille in Paris, he was imprisoned for his writings, his behavior and possible his aristocratic lineage. He had many close calls with the guillotine and it is amazing that he survived the French Revolution especially as a very high profile aristocrat.

  1. Some of the charges against him included
  2. whipping a prostitute
  3. Drugging prostitutes and forcing them into group sex
  4. sodomy
  5. 'accidentally' raping a close relative (who was also a nun)!!!

By any measure he had a truly bizarre and decadent life. His poor wife had a pretty hard time as well- she was plagued by his requests to provide objects and toys for his unusual masturbation techniques. These usually involved self sodomization using various bizarre implements - the requests came when the Marquis De Sade was imprisoned so she had to arrange the manufacture of 'pocket flasks' or 'map cases' which needed to be made to very specific. These had to be twenty centimetres long by 16 centimetres in circumferance - this was apparently the exact size of De Sades own erect organ - the guy had some serious issues!!!

Despite some serious inbalances and very cruel behaviour it is likely that De Sades traditional view as evil incarnate is slightly overdone. He was very hostile to all religions and his strident aetheism has led him to be maligned by many. There is no doubt he had a very cruel streak and gained pleasure from sexual beatings both receiving and giving - whether these were consensual is debatable. There are many books and biographies which analyses or psychoanalyses De Sade which are worth reading if interested. Many of his jail sentences were due specifically to his writings particularly an alleged pamphlet written against Napoleon.

Many of his writings were destroyed but he has produced some work which has undeniable quality and arguably some literary genius.

I'll add a bibliography of the Marquis de Sade work and some links shortly







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