Strip Hilo

Wait until girls strips before pressing continue! 



I hope you enjoyed the Sex Toys UK strip Poker demo.

I can guarantee the real thing is much more fun - the Strip HiLo strip experience is the most professional on the web! Although all the girls are amateurs - the organisation is professionally run by a large company. I've asked a friend to review the site and and you can find it below here. I asked him to give an unbiased opinion which I think he has - anyway read for yourself - read the Strip Hilo Review

Personally I find it so much fun to chat to girls while they strip and we pretend to play cards.

Try it once - I think you'll agree !! Remember though the girls are there to put on a show - if you are not having fun - just say bye and disconnect!!! They are also in charge of the costs - if they are overcharging tell them !! But remember it's a bit of fun to us but please treat the girls(or boys) with respect



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