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Review of Strip Hilo - Hilo Strip Poker Game

I was asked to review the new Hilo Strippoker service by SexToys UK - but please remember I don't write for a living !!! As it's an online strip poker service I decided that such a task was best left to the weekend - especially as my girlfriend was going away on a hen night !! I picked up some beer supplies on the way home from work and settled down in front of the PC (my PC is in my living room). I susppose I should tell you what sort of set up I have - basically it's a Dell Dimension XPS 420 with a 19 inch Iiyama flat screen ( awesome quality) - nothing very fancy but plays most games. I'd also borrowed a web cam from SexToys UK for the purpose of this review but wasn't sure if I'd use it !!

Registering and stuff

Well the first I checked the site out seemed ok but nothing special. Just the usual glossy soft porn type page - I pretended I was a real journalist and ran the demo - seemed pretty pointless to be honest - but I guess it explained the game. It's not an online strip poker game but based on hilo - you have to guess higher or lower than your card and the chat host does the same. The loser takes off an item of clothes. All looked very simple - but the next stage was registering. You can have a little look around the site without registering but not much - you can see which chat hosts are on but little more than that. I've never really thought about playing a game of online strip poker but have to say the thought was appealing.

Strip Poker online

A chathost

Becoming a member

To be honest I was a little worried about this - but I put my credit card in and did all the usual checks - checked it was secure site (little padlock thing). Checked the security certificates and the html source ( a hobby of mine) - it seemed ok. Also did some other checks on the company - parent company is here - all seemed quite legitimate as far as I could tell. I also rang a couple of the telephone numbers on their contact us page - I spoke to helpdesk staff on two and a one was a voicemail. All seemed to check out for me so I completed the process. After I completed the verification process with my credit card I had access to much more of the site - photos of the chat hosts, free text chat and some galleries.

Extended what !!

After registering I was quite keen to get into the game - but I had to complete something else - Extended Credit Agreement. This basically removed some restrictions to my account so I could actually play the proper strip hilo games - if you just use the free stuff you don't need to do this. It consisted of filling in a short form then confirmation link from email - it was a bit annoying but it did show that there was some decent security restrictions in place. After completing I no longer got blocked from anything on the site.


video strip poker

Free Stuff apart from Online strip poker

The free stuff is quite fun - you can text chat to some of the girls for nothing (but of course they will try and entice you in to the video game). If you don't want to get talked into playing don't go in there :) don't know about you but I find it very hard to say no to a beautiful girl promising to reveal all ! You can also look at the pictures of the chat hosts - most of them taken from the video sessions and online strip poker games.

Money and stuff

The business model basically is that CC Networks run the hosting and the technology and the payments systems - the girls are free to charge what they want for whatever service. One criticism of the site is that it is hard to find out what it actually costs to play a game. To be fair though you do find out this information before you actually play. Once you've found a girl - check the reviews, check their photos etc you click on the icon to Play 'Strip Hilo' This brings up a Confirm Charges page -But the basic idea - it tells you the following

  1. What services the chat host offers - (e.g online strip poker)
  2. What is the cost of this service - remember charging is different between hosts
  3. If the chat host is available.
  4. How many items the chathost have to remove ( just in case you are worried about your model wearing 4 coats!)
  5. There's a big Begin game button which means you accept those charges and starts the game.

The actual charges for the Strip game seem to vary around $1-$3 a minute. Nearly everyone was in this range - I guess market forces will keep this figure in check ?

The First Game

Well I have to say I was a little bit nervous about this - and a few beers had been drunk as well. It almost felt like I was going on a date - but that was probably just me after all my experience of online strip poker (or offline) was limited !!!! But I pressed the begin button on the 'Confirm Charges' page and was connected to the webcam of a rather nice American girl. It looked like it was set up in her bedroom - according to her profile she was 21 and had a supermodel build. She was very sweet and we chatted briefly before starting the game - I was wondering if there would be a lot of stalling by the girls (to run up the bill) but I can't say I noticed it. Didn't start well with me wondering if I was unlucky - kept going higher than a 4 and drawing a 2 !! But everything evened out after a while.

Strip Poker online

Brenda dressed for cards

Eventually she was nearly naked and she did a rather nice striptease to finish and got some rather nice video shots !!! It was excellent fun and she was a very hot young lady - I said goodbye and disconnected the game. It was very easy and I didn't feel pressurised - I checked the bill for the session and it was about £9 ( $18). That was for the whole game with I guess average luck and a bit of a chat - to be honest I could have cut down that a lot but I think a rush to win the game would have made the experience much less enjoyable.

online strip poker

Brenda starts to lose

After that I quite got into it - it wasn't really that intimidating any more and the idea of playing cards and watching girls from all over the world strip for me definately appealed !!

I think I had about 8 games of online strip poker in total - one of the chat hosts I didn't really like - started babbling sexy talk at me in half english - I could tell I wouldn't enjoy it so just disconnected - a bit rude I guess but didn't want to keep paying !!!

All the other girls were lovely - most dressed sexily but not over the top - you can get an idea from their photo galleries. I had a nice chat with all them apart from the Asian girl above. It really was like playing strip poker with the gorgeous girl next door.

video strip poker

Another Strip Hilo Chat Host


I really enjoyed the games (and have played since but using my own money!!!) I found the whole thing a little intimidating at first but Hilo Strippoker is really very simple when you get into it. The chathosts mostly seem very nice and the disconnect button is there if they aren't. It can be a very erotic experience though so worth keeping an eye on the clock. There's a good demo on this site which you can find here - online Strip Poker demo.


  1. The girls didn't try to perform too much and were natural.
  2. The interface is quite easy to use and the game is very simple.
  3. Getting to see beautiful girls strip for a small fee
  4. Never felt pressurised by the site, girls etc all seems very professional.
  5. Didn't really seem to cost that much.


  1. The way you can't find the charges until right before you play.
  2. One of the cams wasn't of great quality but most were very clear.
  3. Felt a bit strange watching a girl strip for me across the planet in her bedroom !!

I'll be trying another Hilo Strippoker service soon so will post up another review soon. I have to say it was great fun - I think the online hilo strip poker concept is a great idea. There are lots of ordinary cams were you just chat and do whatever :) but the card game made it much more relaxed for me. You get to see them naked and can leave at the end of the game!! I chickened out of using my own cam - apparently you can play the game for real with most of the girls - probably would have been good fun but I bet it would have lasted longer and cost more. I might try it one day though !

The costs are really down to you - I reckon you could win the game in about 5 mins which would cost $5-7. But the average per session for me was about double that but didn't seem much to me. Of course if you played all night it would get expensive so watch the clock and keep checking your charges !

Online Strip Poker is definately a fun way to spend an evening !!

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